Aladdin was one of the characters who appered in The lazer Collection 3. He rubbed the magic lamp, and Dr. Octagonapus came out of the lamp, and Aladdin realized that he never saw any genie like that in his whole life. Wanting to ask for wishes from Dr. Octagonapus, Dr. Octagonapus gets annoyed by Aladdin and says "DOCTOR-OCTA-MOTHERF*CKING-GONAPUS" and then kills him with a laser.


Scene: Aladdin sees a magic lamp on a pedestal.

Aladdin: OOH! A magic lamp!

Scene: Aladdin rubs the lamp, and Dr. Octogonapus pops out.

Dr. Octogonapus: Doctor Octogonapus! Bl--!

Aladdin: (interrupts him) - OOH! I've never seen a genie like THIS before!

Dr. Octogonapus: (punches Aladdin in the face) - Doctor Octogonapus! BLAH--!

Aladdin: (jumps to his feet and interrups again) - OK... For my first wish--

Dr. Octogonapus: (agitated) - DOCTOR OCTOGONA--!

Aladdin: Buh-buh-buh-buh-buh...! Don't talk. I'm your master now.

Dr. Octogonapus: (feebly) - Doc...

Aladdin: For my FIRST wish...



This Character was based upon the character from the disney movie "Aladdin".

This is Dr.Octagonapus's first (and so far, only) time swearing in any Lazer Collection.

This scene took Dr. Octagonapus the longest time for him to kill someone with a laser.