The Car Trunk is a recurring joke throughout the Lazer Collection series. It mainly consists of unsuspecting people being killed after opening a car trunk.

Lazer Collection IIEdit

A young man simply tells his friends that he just needs to get his bag out of the trunk of his dark gray car. When he opens the boot however, he is greeted with a blast of lazer directly to the face. This is refrenced in L.C.3, when in the case file Randall is reading at the start, the 4th article reads "Man Found Mysteriously Burnt To Death Near His Car" with the subtitle "Friends Say 'He Just Went To Get His Bag From The Trunk'".

Lazer Collection IIIEdit

In the Lazer Collection III, a shy, young boy offers another boy called Phil with an ear piercing a packet of jelly beans. But when Phil opens the packet, a massive red car pops out and squashes him. The (not so) shy boy appears happy about this, until the trunk lid falls off and the trunk fires its lazer.

Lazer Collection VEdit

In the Lazer Collection V, a car dealer is showing off his cars to a customer. Unfortunatly for them, one with "Excellent trunk space" fires its lazer on the poor customer and dealer.


The car trunk has appeared three times before in the series, and it would be a shame to see it go to waste. As L.C.5 is only part 1 of 2, we can expect to see more of the car trunk joke.