Cell (2nd Form)

Cell as he appears in Dragon Ball Z

Cell is a major antagonist character from Dragon Ball Z who was used as the meme Shoop Da Whoop.

Cell in Canon Edit

Cell is a Bio-Android from the future who seeks to complete his evolution and achieve perfection (which he must do by absorbing the two twin androids 17 and 18). His Semi-Perfect form (which he achieves by fusing with Android 17) is the form he assumes in the Lazer Collection series. Cell is tall and extremely muscular. He has dark green armored plates on his body, light green skin, and a large crest on the top of his head which appears like a Babylonian crown. He has blue eyes, pink cartoonish lips, and black pigmentation on the front of his face. He has a thick, black and orange scorpion-like tail which can morph into a sack to absorb the androids. His ears are shaped like those of the evil Frieza, whose cells, along with Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, and King Cold, make up his body. He is brutish and arrogant, and obsessed with finding Android 18 and finishing his quest to become the ultimate power in the universe.

Cell in the Lazer Collection Edit

Cell screaming in rage

The Origin of the Shoop da Whoop

The Shoop da Whoop was inspired from Cell in the episode "Hour of Temptation." He was overly exasperated and infuriated because he was failing to beat Vegeta, who was using his 2nd Grade Super Saiyan form to pound Cell without mercy. In his fury, he screamed with absolute rage, his mouth stretching as far as possible as he did so.

Cell (Lazer Collection)

Cell in the first Lazer Collection

This is how the Shoop da Whoop was inspired. Cell would later become the icon of the Lazer Collection where he earned additional fame as the guy who "fired his lazer."

He is revealed in the Lazer Collection V to be the leader of the Council of Shoop, an organization of powerful people who specialized in firing their lazer. He banished Dr. Octagonapus from the Council since he accidentally killed his son Randal, who was the main key of the Council's Plan.
Cell LC1-LC5 Comparison

Cell's appearance in Lazer Collections 1-5