DominicFear, also known as Dom Fera, is the creator of the Lazer Collection on YouTube which has over 3 million views. He is the founder of DFEAR Studios. He is 17 and is an actor and filmmaker from Long Island, USA. His short films include "The Billy Goat Caller," "Kenny Bassender's Quest for Greatness with the Underground Association of Puppydog Racers," "Die Now or Live Forever," "Deck'd" and "The Genie with a Dirty Mind!" In addition to acting, screenwriting and filmmaking, Dom animates and writes music and original scores for his films and animations. His animation work is on YouTube as well as NewGrounds. Favorites include "The Lazer Collection 3," and, on Newgrounds, "I Want Spider-Powers for Christmas" Part 1 and Part 2. He wrote all the music and lyrics for these animations and voiced all the characters in Spider-Powers, too. In addition to his short films and animations, he and his actor friends put together the funniest skits on YouTube. His YouTube Channel is DominicFear and his studio's website is On this website, he gives behind the scenes news and updates on what he is working on next. His YouTube channel has over 100,000 subscribers, and he is going to be even more famous one day.,

The Lazer Collection 5Edit

DominicFear makes an appearance in the Lazer Collection 5, along with his pet cat, Reo. He tells his cat (who was on a table) that it was standing on it and that he eats there. He orders Reo to get off, but his cat's face changes to a creepy human face and shuts him up about 6 times. Then Reo FIRES HIS LAZER at Dom Fera. It's unknown if DomFera died in that episode, but we can tell his cat's status in unknown, too. Another fact about his appearance in Lazer Collection 5 may suggest that he is from New York University (if you look closely at the NYU print in his sweater).


Reo! That is a table!

Reo! That is a table!

Dom Fera in The Lazer Collection 5