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Dr. Octagonapus in The Lazer Collection 3.

Dr. Octogonapus is one of the main protagonists/antagonists created by Dom Fera in the YouTube animated series, The Lazer Collection.


Dr. Octagonapus's appearance consists of a grey-colored jumpsuit and four tendril-like appendages that protrude from his back. He wears shiny black glasses, and has orange hair. When expelling pure energy from his mouth, or "Firin' his lazor," Dr. Octagonapus obtains a larger jaw, and red colored lips and teeth . He also is seen with eyes, and is the only time he is temporarily seen without glasses, with exception to a photograph appearing in the Lazer Collection V where Randall took his sunglasses. He is based off the villain Dr. Octopus.

The Lazer CollectionEdit

Dr. Octogonapus made his first appearance in Lazer Collection I. He appeared in a Spider-Man skit.

The Lazer Collection 2Edit

Dr. Octogonapus reappears in the sequel, where he blasts two guys and a kid. He tries to shoop another guy, but said guy reacts to Dr. Octagonapus by punching him in the face and firing his own lazer at Dr. Octagonapus.

All three times, it was purposely made so that the audience would suspect one of the characters on-screen to fire their lazor, but the Dr. subverts it.

The Lazer Collection 3Edit

His third appearance in The Lazer Collection 3 is when Randall battles him once. After, Randall confronts him with a gun, and he turns out to be his son.

The Lazer Collection 4Edit

He appears randomly, too fast to see properly.

The Lazer Collection 5Edit

In The Lazer Collection V, Dr. Octagonapus accidentally shoops his son, who was behind him. He brings out a robot to shoop people for a total of three times. Each time the robot appears, a theme song can be heard in the background. The Lyrics consist of "Oh Sh*t! Holy Sh*t!" in a slow tempo. At the end of this episode, Cell and Dr. Octagonapus are seen. Cell tells Dr. Octagonapus that he is banished from the council of Shoop for killing his son, since he was essential to their "plan".

The Lazer Collection 7Edit

In the preview, The End scene that he had a head. In the real episode, he accidentally crashes a piano onto the boy that tried to play the trombone because he doesn't have tentacles. Then HE gets crashed on by another piano.

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