Dr. Octagonapus in The Lazer Collection 3.

"Dr. Octogonapus! BLAAAAAAAAAAH!" - Dr. Octogonapus

Dr. Octogonapus is one of the main protagonists/antagonists created by Dom Fera in the YouTube animated series, The Lazer Collection.


Dr. Octogonapus's appearance consists of a grey-colored jumpsuit and four tendril-like appendages that protrude from his back. He wears shiny black glasses, and has orange hair. When expelling pure energy from his mouth, or "Firin' his lazor," Dr. Octagonapus obtains a larger jaw, and red colored lips and teeth . He also is seen with eyes, and is the only time he is temporarily seen without glasses, with exception to a photograph appearing in the Lazer Collection V where his son Randall took his sunglasses.

The Lazer CollectionEdit

Dr. Octogonapus made his first appearance in the original Lazer Collection. He appeared in a Spider-Man skit, where he confronted Spider-Man as he was trying to figure out how he shot web. Spider-Man then mistook him for Alfred Molina (The actor who played Dr. Octopus in the movie Spider-Man 2) before he was blasted.

The Lazer Collection 2Edit

Dr. Octogonapus reappeared in the sequel, where he blasted several people. First he blasted a couple of teenagers who were talking about a cell phone. Then he attacked a boy reading a letter from his uncle. He tried to shoop another guy by jumping out of his sink, but said guy reacted to Dr. Octagonapus' sudden appearance by punching him in the face several times, slamming him back into the plumbing, and firing his own lazer at the sink.

The Lazer Collection 3Edit

His third appearance in The Lazer Collection 3 delved into his backstory. First, however, he appeared out of a magic lamp upon being summoned by Aladdin, who badgered him about wishes before the doctor finally lost his temper. Roaring "DOCTOR OCTO-MOTHER-F***ING-GONAPUS!", he incinerated Aladdin in a Shoop da Whoop.

He then unexpectedly burst out of a superhero's chest before blasting his body to ashes.

Later he confronted Detective Randall at the crime scene of the superhero's body. He blasted a lazer at him, who retaliated by shooting at him. He escaped up a building, followed by Randall. He grabbed him by the neck, telling him briefly, "Embrace who you are, Randall," before hurling him back down the building.

Randall survived, and the young detective said that just because of that, things had been made personal.

Later, Randall stopped Dr. Octogonapus from shooping two people and held him at gunpoint, where he was being covered by a comrade of his in a helicopter. He asked the man who the man he was confronting was. In a shocking revelation, upon learning Dr. Octogonapus's name, he realized that he was the doctor's son, as HIS last name was Octogonapus. His tendril arms revealed themselves and his own inherited ability to fire lazers manifested. He was then urged by his father to come with him, as he had much to learn.

The Lazer Collection 4Edit

He appeared briefly in one skit where he shooped a guy after said guy observed how quiet it was before the doctor's attack.

The Lazer Collection 5Edit

In The Lazer Collection V, Dr. Octagonapus accidentally shooped and killed Randall, who unwittingly startled him by coming up behind him and saying "Good morning." He later brought out a gargantuan robot to shoop people. He attacked a Chimeny sweep, a food critic who was complaining about having a "sort-of-rare" steak, and the Dirty Boy (only, when his robot smashed the Dirty Boy's piano, the latter was killed by a large splinter from the piano.). At the end of this episode, Cell declared that Dr. Octagonapus was now banished from the Council of Shoop for killing his son, since he had been essential to their "plan".

The Lazer Collection 7Edit

In the preview, The End scene that he had a head. In the real episode, he accidentally dropped a piano onto a boy that tried to play his trombone because he didn't have his tentacles anymore (a possible effect from having been banished from the Council of Shoop by Cell). Then HE was crushed by another piano.

Trivia Edit

•Doctor Octogonapus' name is VERY commonly misspelled as "Dr. Octagonapus". ·Doctor Octogonapus is a parody of Spider-Man villain, Doctor Octopus.