Dr. Octogonapus' Robot first appears in Lazer Collection V, where Dr. Octogonapus uses it to, apparently, transport him around and/or smash through surfaces to cause intimadation.


He first uses it to kill a man trying to remove a blockage in his chimney. The man is blabbering on about his chimney, and the Docter uses this moment to burst through the roof in his robot. The robots mouth opens to reveal Dr. Octogonapus, who proceeds to yell his name and fire his lazer, as usual.

He uses it again in a fancy restaurant, where a snobbish man complains about the quality of his meal. Before he can finish, however, the robot bursts through the floor and the mouth opens to reveal Dr. Octogonapus again, who is now dressed up in a chefs apron, hat, and holding a spatula, evidently showing that he is the chef. However, instead of yelling his name, he claims the steak was perfect and criticises the man on his judgement of food. He then violently shakes his head and makes a sound similar to the sound he made in the Aladdin scene in the Lazer Collection III and fires his lazer.

The third and final time it is shown is in the scene with the Dirty Boy (from Lazer Collection III) plays piano. He has a bit of a scuffle with the piano about the G key, and after the piano insults him, the robot bursts through the floor. and just as Dr. Octogonapus is about to fire his lazer, he realises that Dirty Boy was killed by a piece of the piano lodged into his skull, brought on by the robot breaking through the floor. The robot leaves and does not reappear in the video after this scene.

Theme SongEdit

real talk, the robot does not need a paragraph on dom fera singing "oh shit, holy shit" with an opera-like effect. there is nothing to write about here. go home.

Other factsEdit

  • It is not known where the Doctor got the Robot.