The Lazer Collection 7 is a Lazer Collection Series that was released on the 30th June 2015. The video is purposefully short and disappointing to parody how everyone keeps asking about it, much like Lazer Collection 4, but not as exaggeratedly bad as that one.

The video is titled 'The Lazer Collection 7' and that is the title that is sung in the Theme Song. But 'The Lazer Collection 6' appears as the title screen in the video. This error is obviously done in the spirit of the purposefully shoddy video itself.


- The only time we see Dr. Octagonapus in this video, he is crushed by a piano.

- The first and only time Cell doesn't appear at the end.

- This video used the sound effects of lazers from The Lazer Collection I and II.

- The second time DominicFear appears at the end of the video, like in Lazer Collection II.