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Shoop Da Whoop Edit

Shoop Da Whoop is a mouth entity that has the powers to charge up energy from its mouth and then fires lasers from its mouth. There could be a theory on how Dr. Octagonapus and some people and objects get the ability to fire lasers, but it is not clear how most of the characters of the Lazer Collection series got to fire lasers from their mouths. The only words that Shoop Da Whoop can say is "IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR!!!"


This started it all. A statue-like creature was Photoshopped to have a Shoop da Whoop face and fires its lazer (you can see it at the bottom of this page).

Inspiration Edit

These two inspired people to photoshop Shoop Da Whoops into Yu-Gi-Oh cards, celebrity pics, and much more. Many sculptures were also build upon the subject. But, however, the most famous thing inspired by this is The Lazer Collection Series by DominicFear.


Whoa...people love Shoop Da Whoop a lot!


I'm-a Firin Mah Lazah!

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