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The dirty boy in the shower

The Dirty Boy is a scene from The Lazer Collection III. A boy standing in front of a shower says "I am a dirty boy, it's time for me to take a shower." When he turns the knob, the shower fires a lazer on him. The dirty boy has a frightened look on his face, perhaps because he is dirty, or his mind itself is dirty.

He reappears in the Lazer Collection 5, but rather than taking a shower, he says "I am a dirty boy, it's time to play the piano". He hits the G key and the piano replies "G". He is taken by surprise and presses G again. The piano, annoyed, replies "G!". The boy tries to touch G one more time and the piano shouts "It's still a G, idiot!,It's not gonna change!" The Dirty Boy exclaimes 'Oh, yeah? Well, how about this!" and he repeatingly slams the piano. The piano calmly responds "You're an ass." and Dr Octagonapus' giant robot smashes through the floor and Dr Octogonapus is about to fire his lazer before realising the boy is already been killed by fragments from the destroyed piano, which probably went inside his brain.

NOTE: The dirty boy was voiced by Robert Benfer, who was not metioned in the opening credits.