The Lazer Collection 1

The Lazer Collection 1

The very original

The Lazer Collection (original video) Edit

"Shoop da whoop."- DominicFear Edit

The Lazer Collection is the very first of the series. There is no plot, but instead random events leading up to someone firing their lazer. Dr. Octagonapus first appears in this video, but with a strange black suit. The animation flips between stick figures, normal people, and half and halfs. (such as Charlie and Steve) DominicFear is shown at the end, and so is the original Shoop Da Whoop.

Known Trivia:

1. First appearance of Dr. Octagonapus, but his appearance in this movie is not his final look. He is shown to have a darker suit, possibly different glasses, pale white skin and a much more red-head look. He is mentioned as Alfred Molina, the actor who played as Dr. Octopus (not to be confused with Dr. Octagonapus) in Spider-Man 2. The appearance of Dr. Octagonapus and Dr. Octopus are almost so alike, but the fact is, Dr. Octagonapus and Dr. Octopus are two different people.

2. The Shoop Da Whoop scene, along with the "I'M FIRING MY LASER!!!" phrase is already now an extremely popular internet meme to date.

3. Known guest characters in the video are Spider-Man, Ash Ketchum and Pikachu.

4. This is the only known Lazer Collection to use pictures of real life people's heads (with the beginning having the head of Colin Mochrie and two people asking if they paid the Pied Piper).

5. This, along with The Lazer Collection 2 use the song "Hell Above Water" by Curve as the main theme song. The Lazer Collection 3 onwards have a theme song composed directly from DFEAR Studios instead.