The Lazer Collection series Edit

                                           The Lazer Collection series is based upon random events leading up to someone, usually Dr. Octagonapus, firing their lazer. The only time there was ever a scene in a lazer collection when someone didn't fire their lazer was the opening sequence in The Lazer Collection 2, with the hot pepper. The only Lazer Collection with a plot is The Lazer Collection III, which revolves around Randal Octagonapus trying to figure out how all the people with bodies containing pure energy died. However, there are still some random lazers, but that just improves the movies. The Lazer Collection videos are pretty short in general, but are gut-bustingly funny. They include The Lazer Collection, The Lazer Collection 2, A Lazer, The Lazer Collection III, and the terrible mess known as The Lazer Collection 4.

The idea behind it all (a.k.a. Shoop Da Whoop) Edit

                                           The Lazer Collection was inspired by many videos before it about a random statue-like man who fires his lazer and funny events remixed to have celebrities or random objects fire their lazer. When you fire your lazer, you make a face called a Shoop Da Whoop face (firing a lazer is also refered to as Shoop Da Whoop or Shoop Da Whooping) There were also many internet games featuring Shoop Da Whoop. There is also a creature called a Shoop Da Whoop.

A Shoop Da Whoop