The Lazer Collection 2 is the sequel to The Lazer Collection and the prequel to The Lazer Collection III. This is the debut video of The Really Hot Pepper. Dr. Octagonapus makes 3 appearances near the end, and Dominic Fera, the creator of the Lazer Collection is featured, as is Cell.

Scenes Edit

  • A boy is singing something that goes like "Oh, my God, I..." before he abruptly shoops.
  • A teenager asks a man for the time. The man begins to say "It's half past..." before his watch suddenly forms a Shoop da Whoop face and fires in his face.
  • Dr. Phillip Brainard is introducing his newly-made Flubber to a man, who only reacts by calling the blob-like creature gay. Offended, the Flubber blasts him away.
  • A guy standing behind a car goes to get his bag out of the trunk (he is probably a camper). When he opens the trunk, however, he is sent flying by a lazer.
  • A student taking a test asks his friend Jimmy for the answer to the second question. Jimmy abruptly fires his lazer at the ceiling, prompting his friend to take "Blah" as an answer.
  • A young man narrating how he should amount to anything by fulfilling a quest suddenly goes "BLAAAAAAAH!"
  • A guy eating french fries attempts to pour ketchup on his meal, but the bottle, without warning, it blasts the fries to ashes, the guy with a surprised look on his face.
  • Harry Potter tries out a new spell (Shoopis Mah Whoopis) on his friend Ron Weasley, who is sent hurtling backward by the spell.