The Lazer Collection 4 was made shortly after The Lazer Collection 3, but appeared to have horrible drawing and animation. It was likely because of Dom Fera and his animation studio being very busy with their other projects and had very little time to develop. 

Dom got angry that people were rushing him. He probably thought " If they want The Lazer Collection 4, they will have The Lazer Collection 4!" He made it a horrible video on purpose due to people rushing him. However some users like Lazer Collection 4.

Known Trivia:

1. With The Lazer Collection 4 being the least clear and the least detailed Lazer Collection movie, it is also the shortest Lazer Collection movie so far, lasting for 53 seconds.

2. Dr. Octagonapus, along with almost all characters in the video do not have any colors within their appearances throughout the video, with the exception of a Cell look-alike at the end.

3. Despite it being the sequel to The Lazer Collection 3, Randal and the dirty boy do not appear in it and there is no plot, returning the video to The Lazer Collection 1 and 2 roots. 

4. All of the characters in the video, including Dr. Octagonapus, were voiced by Dom Fera. Also, when someone is firing their laser in the video, the aggressive "BLAAAAAA!!!!" sound was replaced by a less intimidating sound.

5. The animation of the video feels like it was just drawn rather than made with computer tools, which may explain the lack of detail, and the lack of traditional Lazer Collection animation.

6. The only colored parts in the video are the lasers, the Shoop Da Whoop mouths from the characters and the french toast of the guy in the second to the last part.