Poster for the Lazer Collection V

The Lazer Collection V is the fifth movie in the Lazer Collection.


It was expected to release sometime in May 2011, however it was postponed to June 1, 2011.

List of CharactersEdit

Known Trivia:

1. This is the second longest Lazer Collection movie in development, losing only to Lazer Collection 6, which is still under development, and started shortly after Lazer Collection 5 was released.

2. Since it is the final Lazer Collection movie, this would be the final appearance of recurring characters such as Dr. Octagonapus, Randal Octagonapus and the dirty boy,

3. If you listen closely during every part where Dr. Octagonapus' robot appears, you might actually hear a choir singing "OH SHIT!!" "HOLY SHIT!!".

4. There is a part in the middle of the movie where the man wearing the New York University sweater and the cat are actually an animated version of Dom Fera and his pet cat, Reo.

5. The scene where we see Woody kill Buzz Lightyear with a laser is a re-enactment of the "You are a toy!!" scene from the popular Toy Story series.

6. In the segment of "The Fart", the part where the guy being recorded releases a laser as his fart and him being melted by the fart can be the second most gruesome scene in any Lazer Collection movie, the most gruesome would be in Lazer Collection 3 where we see Dr. Octagonapus tearing a superhero's internal organs apart and burning him with a laser.

7. This is also the longest Lazer Collection movie so far and the only known Lazer Collection to have a delay before its final release.

8. Dr. Octagonapus' robot is shown three times in the movie, the first is when he kills a guy talking to himself inside a trash can, second when he kills a guy for disliking the steak that Dr. Octagonapus cooked and three was when he witnessed the dirty boy being dead.

9. Despite Randal Octagonapus being in the movie, we only see him for five seconds before he is killed by Dr. Octagonapus.

10. First and only appearance of Cell in Lazer Collection.