The senior patrol officer appears in Lazer Collection III as Randall Octogonapus' advisor. He appears at the start when he gives Randall his first case, which is to investigate numorous killings in the area (which were caused by people firing their lazer, mostly Dr. Octogonapus). When he along with Randall get to the crime scene of a recent killing, he asks Randall if he was sure it was a murder. Then, Dr. Octogonapus appears behind them and fires his lazer at Randall. When Randall get thrown off the top of a building by Dr. Octogonapus, he hits the ground and the senior officer shouts " Randall! No!" suggesting he might be friends with Randall, even though they didn't spend much time together. He does not appear after this. This may be because he decided to let Randall carry on with the case himself

Stuff that appears on his coffee mugEdit

The senior officer has a coffee mug which changes what is written on the side almost every scene he appears in. The things written throughout the collection are 'I hate ____' with something written in the space. The things that appear are (in order): Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Sand, Polar Bears, Dolphins and Women. It is unknown how it does this or even why. This makes it clear that the senior officer hates a lot of things for unknown reasons.